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Plan My Baby Review – What is Plan My Baby?

If you are looking for different ways to select your baby’s sex before perception I think that you already observed about the Strategy My Child information by Alicia Pennington (which is also known as “Prince Or Princess“) – one of the most well-known baby’s sex choice books on the internet nowadays that expected to demonstrate you exactly how you can select your baby’s sex before perception.You probably already examined some opinions about Strategy My Child on the net and I’m sure that most these opinions didn’t tell you too much about the Royal prince Or Queen information but assured to you that within Alicia Pennington’s information you will discover “100% assured techniques to select your baby’s sex before perception and to start preparing the family of your dreams”.

Plan My Baby reviewsAbout the author:

Created by Alicia Pennington, Plan My Baby can be best described as a step-by-step organic system to considerably enhance the possibilities of having the baby’s sex you want.The Plan My Baby facilities it techniques on the variations between the men and women sperm cell and reveals you very particular techniques which can be used to alter certain aspects that can impact whether the men or the women sperm cell gets to the egg first.

Who Would Buy Plan My Baby?

This super product is although useful to all but the mother must buy this product for their baby. This is no doubt the must for all the mothers.

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Features of Plan My Baby :

  • Here there are plenty of information about the variations between alkaline ph stage and acid ph stage and why it can impact on your baby’s sex, and you will also understand how and when to time your sex-related activity to be able to enhance your possibilities to select the baby’s sex before perception.
  • In the area of Strategy My Child Alicia Pennington speaks about the significance of appropriate diet plan and why particular diet plans can help you to enhance the possibilities of getting your preferred baby’s sex considerably.
  • You will understand which meals you need to add to what you eat plan program or eliminate from it to be able to modify your ph stage up or down, and how even small changes can impact your possibilities of getting pregnant a boy or a lady.


  • Sexual roles perform a crucial part when it comes to baby’s sex choice and in the part of the Royal prince Or Queen information Alicia Pennington has describes which roles perform best in case of getting pregnant a boy and which ones perform best in case of getting pregnant a lady, in accordance with the position of the “X” and “Y” chromosomes.
  • To make things easier Alicia Pennington also connected to this area many design and details for better knowing.


The issue with most of these books is that they easily tossed together by people who have little or no encounter at all in this area, and consequently they only contain “half-truths” and misguided techniques which can actually reduced your possibilities to select your baby’s sex before perception.

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